Older Adult Services (65+)

When older adults experience a sudden change in their mental or behavioral health, those who care for them — from family and friends to referring physicians and social workers — can turn to Rockford Center’s Older Adult Behavioral Health Program for quality short-term stabilization services.

Rockford Center’s Older Adult Behavioral Health Program is designed to help adults who are generally 65 years of age and older regain their mental health, by providing a therapeutic program tailored to meet each patient’s specific needs.

Easy Access To Older Adult Behavioral Health Program

The first step in determining if an older adult can benefit from receiving care through the Older Adult Behavioral Health Program is to call Rockford Center’s Assessment Referral Center (ARC) at 302-996-5480. ARC is staffed 24-hours a day, 7 days a week.

Upon receiving a call, ARC’s professional assessment counselors will take information and consult with our nursing and medical staff to determine if the Older Adult Behavioral Health Program is the most suitable treatment option.. If so, the ARC counselor will schedule an assessment. If during the assessment it is determined that inpatient care is indicated, the ARC counselors will be responsive to that need and arrange for admission on a timely basis.

Because the Older Adult Behavioral Health Program focuses on short-term stabilization, we do not accept patients who need skilled nursing care (require feeding tubes, IV’s, or catheters).

Our primary goal is to assess each patient’s needs and make appropriate clinical recommendations. That is why our staff of experienced, highly-trained behavioral healthcare professionals, including psychiatrists, social workers, nurses and counselors conduct a comprehensive multi-disciplinary assessment. that determines the patient’s daily routine and therapeutic activities.

The Older Adult Behavioral Health Program plan of care may include a variety of structured physical and creative group activities that help to control symptoms, orient and re-motivate the patient, encourage the highest level of independence possible, and enhance self-regard.

Each day may include reminiscence and relaxation exercises, music and art therapies, as well as other leisure time activities. We schedule administration of medication, snacks, meals, and frequent hygiene breaks into each day.

Our nursing staff is specially trained in providing geriatric care. They are experienced in providing assistance with Activities of Daily Living (ADL), mobility, fall prevention, nourishment/hydration, and interventions used for making patients feel more comfortable and secure. We treat every patient with respect, dignity, and compassion. Caregiver support and education are integral to all treatment plans.

The Older Adult Behavioral Health Program provides a welcoming, therapeutic, spacious, and safe environment which is located in a separate part of our Adult Inpatient Services area. Bedrooms and bathrooms are newly renovated and wheelchair accessible. Visitors are welcomed here on a flexible schedule that includes both afternoon and evening hours, and special arrangements can be made when needed. Clergy may visit at any time.

To help ensure access to the high quality of care and treatment provided by the Older Adult Behavioral Health Program, we accept most insurance plans, including HMO’s, PPO’s, and other managed care plans. Also, we are Medicaid, Medicare, and Champus approved.