Service Excellence

The mission of Rockford Center is to serve the needs of our region’s mental health consumers by offering all of our patients and families outstanding healthcare services that are consistently trauma responsive, empowering and respectful, and which promote and sustain recovery. This critical mission is accomplished by working in partnership with individuals, families, healthcare providers, and other community stakeholders.

Rockford Center believes that mental health is an essential part of overall health. As a leading provider in the region, Rockford Center, promotes mental health through its six core values: service excellence, ethical and fair treatment of all, innovation in service delivery, employee development, teamwork, and compassionate care. Putting these core values into action during every patient encounter, ensures that all patients and their families leave better prepared to live safe and productive lives.


Responsive means that...

Rockford Center is dedicated to providing assistance and care as thoroughly and quickly as possible. We understand that the well being of patients, their families, and the greater community depends on our ability to provide responsive, quality services.

Reliable means that...

Rockford Center assures a secure, safe environment where our multidisciplinary team of highly skilled, experienced professionals can be counted on to develop and provide individualized treatment plans and provide attentive, appropriate, effective, and ethical care.

Respectful means that...

Every person who contacts Rockford Center will receive a friendly, considerate, and timely response, and all who come to Rockford Center will be treated with dignity and compassion.



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