About Rockford Center

As Delaware’s first private psychiatric facility, Rockford Center has expanded the scope and breadth of its services since opening its doors in 1974. Our mental health center has grown from a 55-bed residential psychiatric hospital for individuals with sub-acute psychiatric disorders, to a 138-bed facility that provides easy access to a full complement of inpatient behavioral healthcare and partial hospital programs for children and adolescents, adults and older adults.

Rockford Center’s Skilled and Expert Staff

Rockford Center’s diverse professional staff takes a multidisciplinary approach to all treatment services, using “best practices” as a guide to assessing, treating, and caring for all of Rockford Center’s patients. Staff members are all highly trained and educated in various aspects of medical and behavioral health.

Our medical staff includes Board Certified Psychiatrists, and our trusted nursing staff includes dedicated and caring Registered Nurses (RNs), Licensed Practical Nurses (LPNs), and additional staff with specific experience and expertise in providing behavioral healthcare.

Our social services department consists of Master’s prepared and Licensed Clinical Social Workers, several of whom are also Certified Alcohol and Drug Counselors. All who turn to Rockford Center’s experienced staff for assistance will find a helping hand and compassionate heart.

Rockford Center Values Knowledge & Training

Public education and professional training are highly valued by Rockford Center. Our goal is twofold: to help the community understand and keep current with issues and information related to behavioral healthcare, and to enrich and strengthen the professional skills of our staff.

To keep the public apprised of behavioral healthcare information, we participate in health fairs and conferences throughout the year, sharing a wealth of material and answering questions about mental health and substance abuse issues.

Our professional training initiatives are part of Rockford Center’s “Service Excellence” program. In addition to regularly scheduled meetings among staff, employees, and administration to discuss performance improvements and achievements, we provide a professional lecture series in both the spring and fall, which serves as a continuing education opportunity for our staff and professionals in the community.